Erdmann 3000

Daniel Erdmann - tenor saxophone

Frank Möbus - guitar

Johannes Fink - bass

John Schröder - drums

For more than six years, Erdmann 3000 almost playfully manage to combine

tradition and avant-garde. The band around Berlin- as well as

Paris-based Daniel Erdman brings together four individualists from

Berlin’s younger jazz scene: exceptional musicians who have already left

their artistic mark with projects such as Der Rote Bereich, Aki & the

Good Boys or Das Kapital.

Together they create an interactive sound whose expressivity as well as

profound sense of humour and nonchalance renders irrelevant all existing

jazz clichés. With Erdmann 3000, jazz has already arrived in the future.

The CD "Supermicrogravity" is the band´s second release on Enja Records, and the new CD „live in berlin“ will be released in spring 2010.

Erdmann 3000 has performed in clubs and festivals all over europe. Perfromances included The North Sea Jazz Festival, Banlieues Bleues, Jazz D´Or, Pori Jazz Festival, RUMOR, Jazz in the garden Lisbon, the German Jazz Meeting, and many more.

"Daniel Erdmann is currently becoming one of the most inventive players on the international scene" Gerard Rouy, Jazz Magazine 2007

"the concept is just as brilliant as its execution.. This music is so fine, intimate, so complex, that it becomes already nearly a language. A language, which is probably understood worldwide."Friedrich G. Stern, Nürnberger Zeitung 12.02.2005

"The young lion from berlin has found a language which sounds like a walk through the work-site surrounded streets of his city. An Album filled with surprising turns that documents the change of his hometown unsentimentaly and that fits well for it." Wolf Kampann, Zitty 2001

"Erdmann´s sound makes tons of weight flowt in the air.He has learned his lesson of tradition, understood Coleman and Coltrane like not many others.But he is not standing there on stage to tell us all the things he knows about jazz. No, he is looking for a common lanuage with the audience." Tagesspiegel 2000

"Daniel Erdmann is in the first line of courageous interpretators. His improvisations have their own sound, recognizable, captivating and of all colors.“ Jazzfiles 2001